H&H Newsletter (Summer 2022)

Our Promise What Happened to Great Customer Service?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes to the way in which many businesses operate. It seems as though exceptional, or any level of customer service diminished during this time—long hold times, unanswered messages, auto attendants vs. live representatives. While many have experienced this, we are proud to report that clients of H&H Financial Group have not felt this.

Superb client experience, every client, every time.
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We are Open For Business

The H&HFG Way: We promise to maintain the quality and intimacy of your experience, no matter what external factors we face. In order to deliver our promise to provide a superb client experience, every client, every time, we have:

  • Kept our lobby open during COVID (with precautions)
  • Expanded our service team
  • Updated phone/network systems
  • Revised our personalized onboarding and ongoing service model
  • Remained committed to Our 24 Hour Promise - prompt follow-up calls/emails


For your support and unwavering commitment; and, for trusting our team enough to introduce those who mean the most to you. We strive to exceed your expectations and know that we are always here for you.


We feel that our client experience model is what sets us apart from others and is part of the many reasons you have introduced us to your family, friends, and colleagues; because of these introductions, we added nine additional state licenses and can now do business in 36 of the 50 United States! Adapting to technology has facilitated our ability to work with clients and prospective clients both near and far.

Photo of the H&H Team

STORIES FROM OUR CLIENTS: The Templar Family Story

Gary and I are high school sweethearts and eventually married and started working in the 70s. At the same time, we've grown into a loving family. We have two great children, Tricia and Ben, who have already gone off and built their own families and provided us with three amazing grandchildren we love to spoil.

We've hit our retirement years and wanted to make sure we had enough to enjoy that retirement without having to constantly budget and worry if there's ever enough.

That's when we started our journey with H&H Financial Group. We wanted to start enjoying the freedom that comes with retirement and do the things we planned on doing, from home remodels, to traveling around the world, to spending focused time with our growing family.

We have peace of mind in knowing that we no longer have to rely on our own calculations—we have a team of professionals there for us every step of the way. We have a great feeling of security and confidence that what we envisioned for our future has come to fruition—we can finally enjoy some “us” time.

...a great feeling of security and confidence that what we envisioned for our future has come to fruition.
-Gary & Teri Templar

Photo of Gary & Teri Templar

Photo of the H&H Team

Kyle and his wife, Donna, enjoy rainbow trout fishing together.

Kyle’s Corner: H&HFG Spotlight

Q: What is the No. 1 thing that prospective clients are most afraid of?
A: In my experience, I find that they are most concerned about the cost of healthcare in retirement.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?
A: Elvis Presley. I think he lived an extraordinary and exciting life, and who better than to entertain you through dinner than the King of Rock ‘n Roll.

Q: Why do you love being in the financial industry?
A: I love getting to know people better and how I can help them reach their retirement dreams. It is a special experience to be part of such a large change in someone’s life.

Q: What is one lesson that you feel should be taught to all young people?
A: How to be fiscally responsible—how to balance a checkbook, create a budget, live within your means.

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Planting the seed for tomorrow

“I was startled to learn that only 34% of Americans can answer at least four of five basic financial literacy questions on topics such as mortgages, interest rates, inflation and risk according to FINRA1. […] a portion of the population remains financially illiterate—meaning they lack the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing. Without these skills, Americans struggle with everyday tasks, like paying bills on time, as well as larger goals, like planning for retirement or buying a home1.”

Take Action

1Educate your children: Not only will it improve their financial literacy, but if you don’t it may impact your finances. 45% of Americans provide financial support to their children—which may directly influence your ability to reach your goals5. Educating children about finances, including establishing a savings account, increases their odds of going to college by 6 times2.

2Seek out resources: Podcasts, books, employer-offered financial wellness programs, H&H Financial Group workshops, and the H&H learning library. These are all great opportunities to expand your knowledge base. Checkout our resources at: TheHHFG.com/Personal-Planning.3.htm

3Make a budget: Track your expenses for 30-60 days to determine how and where you are spending your money each month. Increasing your self-awareness will help you set and meet your financial goals. Knowledge is power. Reach out to our office for a copy of our budget worksheet.

4Signup for our weekly market commentary: Contact our office via phone or email to receive weekly updates. This two page summary may improve your financial literacy by breaking down current events into easy-to-understand bits of information. (O): 607-739-3702 or info@theHHFG.com

5Work with a Financial Advisor: The breadth and depth of resources related to the financial services is expansive. It can make it difficult to navigate all of the information, and misinformation. The team at H&HFG can help you understand and apply this knowledge to your specific situation. If you’re a client and haven’t already, introduce your friends and family to us so that we can help them. Knowledge is power and we would love the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, just as we have for you.

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