Medical Professionals

The considerable career demands of physicians and surgeons leave little time to plan your financial future.

The planning process at H&H helps to integrate expertise from various disciplines, including investment advisory, accounting*, legal* and insurance consultation. We consult with other advisors with specific knowledge and expertise in these areas, as necessary, to help analyze, develop and implement a comprehensive plan designed for your unique personal circumstances. By combining the talents of these professionals, we believe we can offer you the best possible solution for your financial and investment needs.

We will work with you to help you determine:

  • How the use of debt could increase wealth
  • Estate planning and asset protection
  • What role can real estate play in maximizing wealth?
  • How to manage employer sponsored qualified planning
  • A qualified plan strategy when you are the owner
  • How best possible to maximize your social security benefits
  • Investment planning during working years and beyond
  • Insurance planning to help protect your income/assets from dying too soon or living too long
  • Retirement income strategies to help protect you from outliving your money
  • How to leave a legacy to family and charities

At H&H Financial, our wealth management strategy is based on understanding your needs and developing a plan that strives to help you pursue your goals successfully. Through our strategic relationships with attorneys and CPAs, we help guide you through your financial planning every step of the way. Please contact us for a complementary consultation to evaluate your current financial situation and create a roadmap to help you reach your goals and achieve peace of mind.

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Medical Professional

*Neither H&H Financial Group or its staff nor NYLIFE Securities LLC or its registered representatives or affiliates provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal or accounting professional before making any decisions.