Teachers generally have unique financial planning needs and concerns...

...and the Financial Advisors and H&H Financial Group are dedicated to helping educators like you maximize, protect and enjoy their income and accomplish their goals both now and in the future. We closely monitor all federal and state budget changes that may impact your pension, contract, and benefits, and we will help you respond to changes and adjust your plans accordingly so that your retirement can remain secure.

We will work with you to help you determine:

  • How to possibly pay off debt, reduce taxes* and increase savings
  • What to do with your existing 403 (b)
  • Insurance planning to help protect your income/assets from dying too soon or living too long
  • When you should retire in an effort to maximize your benefits
  • Which plan you should retire under
  • How much money you may need to retire comfortably
  • What your best possible insurance options are
  • Whether or not you can expect to receive social security benefits
  • How your pension might impact social security benefits
  • Investment planning during working years and beyond
  • And more

You work hard to educate your students, and we do the same thing for our clients. We would love to meet with you for a complementary consultation to evaluate your current financial situation and create a roadmap to help you reach your goals and achieve peace of mind.

*Neither H&H Financial Group or its staff nor NYLIFE Securities LLC or its registered representatives or affiliates provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal or accounting professional before making any decisions.